About Primal London

About the Blog:

Primal and paleo recipes, recipe reviews, notable research, and info on sourcing primal/paleo goodies in/around London and, to a lesser extent, throughout the UK. When possible, I’ll also post information on paleo-related events in/around London.

While paleo and primal are technically interchangeable, many people still associate paleo with dairy-free and primal as dairy-inclusive. In that regard, this blog will include dairy-containing recipes, which are easily modified if you omit dairy from your diet. Likewise, my personal journey is taking a turn back towards a more ketogenic/low-carb version of primal eating, and while recipes are going to continue being paleo/primal, you may see more of a keto bent to my personal posts.

About the Blogger:

Hi! Thanks for stumbling across this little blog written by Kai.

I hail from a few different parts of the globe, but I currently hang up my hat in beautiful (and surprisingly sunny) London. I have a background in English literature, self-studied herbology, and conventional medicine. I made the move to the UK in 2013 and I’m currently working towards qualifying for medical school entry. My long-term goal is to qualify as an MD before bolstering that degree with an ND and practicing integrative medicine. It’s going to be a long haul, and I’m hoping to at least start the process before I go completely grey.

My primal journey is complex. To summarise it, I’ve had creeping weight gain since my teens despite constantly watching what I eat and consuming a “healthy, well-balanced diet” with, you know, little fat, not much protein, and plenty of “wonderful” whole grains. I have an underactive thyroid which may or may not be lazy due to an early childhood exposure to nuclear fallout (I don’t glow in the dark, thankfully) and I’m currently engaged in a long-term n=1 experiment on what, precisely, is going to do the most for it. At the moment, that’s Armour Thyroid.

I’ve been paleo for almost three years now, though I’ve fallen off and on with a few major moves (like the latest one across the ocean), various health issues (major surgery on both my feet), and depression/inertia heavily influenced by my thyroid being useless. I fumbled from the Mediterranean Diet down to Dukan, through the 4 Hour Body, and eventually stumbled across Wheat Belly. That was the book that really got my head in the game. From there, I read Protein Power, The Paleo Diet, and finally The Primal Blueprint. I’m not yet where I want to be in terms of how I feel, how much energy I have, and my weight, but I feel a heck of a lot better, and I love learning new life hacks to get closer to where I think I’d like to be, even if it means donning yellow sunglasses after sunset.

This blog is going to showcase just about everything from the paleo/primal community. I think the general consensus is that paleo and primal are interchangeable: eat plenty of good-quality fat (especially from animals that eat real food, too), some protein, plenty of veg, and some fruit, nuts, herbs, and spices to round things out. Yes? Awesome.

For my part, I’m still fine-tuning what works best: lower carb? yes or no to white potatoes and/or rice? how much fruit? how much dairy? I’m lucky enough to have access to not just raw, grass-fed dairy, but raw, grass-fed dairy from Guernsey cows–that beautiful A2 casein that I can actually digest! Therefore, my recipes are going to include a fair amount of yoghurt, milk, cheese, etc when applicable. Don’t let that alarm you, though: you can always substitute with coconut products if you’re not in the dairy camp. I’ll eventually put up a conversion chart but, since quality varies, aim to match consistency for consistency, ie, if you’re subbing yoghurt for coconut milk, add enough dairy milk to the yoghurt and whisk well until you reach a similar consistency to thick, creamy coconut milk.

When I’m not cooking, I’m trying to get back into my yoga practice and being yelled at by my cat. I share my Westminster home with my ridiculously awesome partner, who’s in law school, and the aforementioned 17yo Himalayan kitty, who’s a full-time grump and whose picture will inevitably be all over the blog.

I’d love to talk to other modern cavepersons who make London their home or just, you know, anyone in general. In the meantime, you can catch me on the Tube or bus rocking my Vibram FiveFingers and sound-cancelling headphones.


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